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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Any cute fonts yet? Stupid HTML!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Guys, I've moved!!  Check out my new blog at

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cocoa Sliders

Alright.  Christmas Crafts.  So much fun!  The day after Thanksgiving my sister and I had a little too much fun with my Cricut.  Here's what we made, and a tutorial is here:


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Has it really been almost a year?

So here's the thing... it's been almost an entire year since I've last blogged.  Can you believe it?  Wow times flies.  I started blurbing, which led to a decrease in blogging and it was just this whole thing!  But I'm hopefully back, we'll test the waters and see :-)

Just to catch you up... that cute little tiny baby we once had, has now turned into this curious little fire ball, just like his momma!  He's got a temper that kid, and it's pretty hilarious. He hates being constrained in anything from a highchair and stoller, to a carseat and jumper.  Silly little buddy.  He's cute as ever though. Brian is taking the GMAT in one week from Saturday- cannot even wait for it to be over!  I am, besides being a housewife, teaching singing lessons and soon will start directing a little girls performing group, which I super excited about.  So life is busy as usual!

Take care!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boston's Newborn Photos

My friend and neighbor, Tawni, took Boston's newborn photos.  He screamed the entire time.  The poor kid hates to be naked!  I'm suprised she captured such great pictures.  Anyway, here are my favorites!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Being home with Boston

It’s been a rough two weeks but I’m finally feeling better and Boston has been the best little boy. He rarely cries and would sleep through the night if I let him. I literally have to set alarms to wake myself up to feed him. Brian is back to work and I’ve assumed responsibility for this little life. I love being a mom- surreal as it is.

He got his first bath, which he hated!  He has really big hands and when he gets nervous he flails them about.  It's hilarious!  He got to spend time with the Smith's and was spoiled rotten!  The first night he slept in our bedroom, Brian and I would jump up out of bed whenever we'd hear him make any sound.  We were so nervous he was going to break!  It's been a great few weeks and we're finally use to the new routine!

Boston's Here! 2/1/2010 8.5 lbs 22.5" long

Brian and I made the decision to induce little Bosty January 31, 2010. Before going to bed Saturday night we talked about how different things would be the next time we would sleep in our bed. We’d have a little baby to take care of, to love and to wake up with. Sleep didn’t evade us too long and before we knew it we were on our way to the hospital. At 10:00 am my nurse gave me my first dose of petocin. The contractions started but they weren’t bad. Brian was very worried the entire time because he knew how well I handled pain… every five minutes, “What’s your pain level now babe? Do you need your epidural yet”? I held out as long as I could and at 1:00 I got the epidural. What a blessing! For eight hours I sat with Brian, joking and laughing, watching movies and really just waiting. At the end of those eight hours I had dilated to a two- out of ten. AH! I was supposed to have this kid by the late afternoon. That was the plan!

I hadn’t moved since I had gotten my epidural and my arm was killing me because the blood pressure cuff had been going off every five minutes. Eight hours later I got a new nurse around and she asked me when I’d last moved. I told her I hadn’t moved and she was appalled. My legs were completely dead. She came in every half hour to move me and once I started moving, I started dilating. At 2:30 am, the next day, I had finally dilated to a ten. The nurse said, “Okay, start pushing”. I was like, huh? Where’s my doctor? I just assumed that I’d push a few times and Boston would be here. How wrong was I! After an hour and a half of pushing my doctor finally came. She told us that the baby was posterior, and she asked if we would let her use forceps to help get the baby out. I remember looking up at Brian, not knowing anything about forceps, and asking him what he thought we should do. Our doctor assured us she was the best and I was so exhausted I didn’t want to just roll over and get a c-section after 19 hours of laboring. So, we used the forceps- worst mistake of our lives. It was the most awful site. My mom started bawling and I was hysterical, barely able to breathe and Brian was holding us all together. After trying the forceps a few times my doctor realized she wouldn’t be able to get him out safely and we rushed into the operating room for a c-section. I was so discouraged. I couldn’t believe the last 19 hours were for nothing. I could have just scheduled a c-section and things would have been so much easier. I was wheeled into the operating room and they started cutting- I could feel it. I started screaming and a few seconds later the anesthesiologist knocked me out. I remember them showing me Boston and then everything else was a blur. I woke up in my room hours later, exhausted. I wanted to see Bosty, but I felt beaten down and I just wanted to sleep and forget everything that happened. While I was feeling sorry for myself and Brian trying to console me, they wheeled the little guy in. He was beautiful. All of a sudden, everything that had happened and all that I went through was worth it.

I spent five days in the hospital. They weren’t glamorous. I was constantly in pain and I barely had enough energy to stay awake, let alone spend time with Boston. Brian wouldn’t leave my side and he was able to hold and get to know our little guy. Boston had a rough first week of life. He had awful scrapes and bruises on his head from the forceps. He had lost a whole pound and had jaundice really bad. He had to be put under the lights and wear a billi blanket when he was in our room. He was our little glow bug! There was also something on the back of his neck that the pediatrician thought might be spina bifida. They had to give him an IV to prepare him for a CT scan. When they took him Brian wouldn’t sit down. He was just pacing our room saying, “This wasn’t how things were supposed to happen”. Brian was such a concerned little daddy. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him.